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Operation Clambake

Scientology: threat or menace? I once belonged to this organization (in 1971) and left before it was taken over by the hardcore fanatics. Or maybe it was always that way. Anyway, now they are a real danger to the freedom of the Net, and people's minds in general. Some of these links may already have been squashed; there were three more last year. Right now it seems to be centered on Operation Clambake: the Inner Secrets of Scientology. Start here.

Jim Lippard's Page One of the original Usenet debaters, responsible for uncounted postings on freethought and other Net issues, this is a great place to go for unusual, interesting, and controversial links. He has been targeted by the Scientologists and his site (in fact, his entire ISP Primenet) has been blocked by the ScioNanny that members are required to install. "Lippard is the kind of freethinker I want to be when I grow up." --Alan Olsen

The Assault on Waco

Is Your Religion Approved by the FBI? In 1993, the FBI attacked and burned the Mt. Carmel church in Waco, Texas, then went on television and in front of Congress to deny everything. A 1997 documentary shows them to be the liars and murderers they are. Here are some web sites that give you all the information you did not get from the mainstream media. Frontline (PBS); the Waco Museum; and another. If the perpetrators are not tried, convicted and executed, the Federal Police will feel free to do this to anyone they like. YOU may be next.

Other interesting resources:

Apple Computer I wouldn't use a Wintel box if you attached electric eels to my nipples. If you feel the same way, and want useful Mac news and information sent to your email box, visit the EvangeList page, created by MacAddict magazine and Guy Kawasaki. Every Macker should subscribe to the EvangeList. For true religious fervor, however, you can't beat MacAddict magazine or the Ambrosia Cafe.

MacInTouch: This page by longtime Macintosh columnist, consultant and all-around expert provides up-to-the-minute information, system updates and important links.

MacFixIt This resource is by the author of "Bombs, Sad Macs and Other Disasters." An important resource if you are having problems with your Mac, or are considering buying one of the newest models. Keep up with updates and glitches through the MacFixIt search engine.

MacOSRumors: If it is suspected, rumored or relates in any way to the Mac, the latest info is here, released sometimes before finalization, so check frequently for updates and new rumors.

Suck Daily News and commentary on social issues, etc.

Glubco Glubco, a source for Tesla coils, interesting commentary, electronics and fun.

Science and Technology for Everyone listening devices, lasers, pyrotechnics, plasma displays, general science, parts and info.

Support the Blue Ribbon campaign. Link to EFF's page for more info.

Read the text of the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace and join in. A revolution is at hand.

Childfree Childfree by Choice - freedom or subversion? I have chosen not to breed, reproduce or contribute to the planet's overpopulation not because I care, but because I just plain don't like kids (at least until they learn to act like human beings) and don't want them 24/7 in my life! If you feel the same way, or lean in that direction, maybe Childfree is for you. See also No Kidding!, a Vancouver, B.C.-based organization with chapters forming in cities all over North America.

One And Only If you are single and looking, as I am, here is a net-based service that may be of help. Be sure to mention childfree (or not) status in your ad!

Dilbert's Page The comic strip online, plus lots of other good stuff

Unamerican "Quality rebellion at affordable prices." Stickers and T-shirts to offend anyone.

BBQ Madness George Goble's pictures and story of the fastest-starting BBQ in the world. 10 gallons of liquid oxygen were used.

Jamie Zawinski Jamie Zawinski's page of Hacks and Links. Jamie wrote the Unix version of Mozilla (Netscape 1.1). Interesting character.

Antics and Mayhem from AGD (the Advanced Graphics Division of SGI). These activities are not endorsed by SGI. CO2 bombs, Fresnel lens fun, etc.

National Motorists Association The AAA doesn't represent you, they are an insurance company and their interests are NOT yours. The NMA, however, worked to repeal the federal 55 limit and they work to shut down speed traps, idiot regulations and help you fight tickets. Join this group: we need each other.

Useless Web Pages The name says it all. Fun!

Worldwide Free Press - In the 1960s, the "underground" weekly newspaper Los Angeles Free Press was the only source of alternative news and culture, and set the standard for the "alternative" papers today. Many times news was grudgingly passed on by the establishment press YEARS after the Freep scooped them. I used to work there, 1966-1969. Now Art Kunkin, the original editor and founder of the Freep, is on the Net with this '90s version.

PDXS - Portland's alternative newspaper, not just knee-jerk left but unafraid of challenging any dominant paradigm that needs challenging. This is a good source for what you won't find in the establishment daily Oregonian, and also the once-alternative weekly Willamette Week.

Life In Our Anti-Christian America It must really be "hell" to be so oppressed. However do they stand it??

Freethought Today - This Wisconsin-based journal of freethought and rational thinking is a product of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They not only publish this newspaper; they offer a line of books, pamphlets and stickers you can use in the fight against the fundamentalists.

The Freethought Web A great collection of historic and modern screeds on the subject of Rationalism, Freethought, Atheism and other related areas.

Robert Anton Wilson A man of many weirds, the Bringer of Eris (Goddess of Chaos and Discord) to the Masses, author of the Brilliant and Wonderful Illuminatus trilogy (with the late and sorely missed Robert Shea). This is the UnOfficial Page (with links to the Real RAW page).

The Church of the SubGenius Now YOU can wash your OWN BRAIN! Official Church of the SubGenius site. Brain toolkit and surreality reboot. You gotta see this page at least once in your life. There is also an alternate SubSite and link collection.

The Discordian Society followers of Eris, Goddess of Chaos. Source of inspiration for R.A. Wilson's trilogy, above.

The Holy Temple of Mass Consumption - The next three links are thanks to HToMC's irregular e-zine, published in service to "Bob." Keep up on the latest bizarrities, comix and SF conventions.

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter - Out of all of our favorite cheesy-paranoid images from the 50s, little compares with government propaganda on THE BOMB. Jayne Loader's Public Shelter is a web site and a CD-ROM with everything you ever wanted to know about nuclear warfare, including lots of pictures, sounds, and footage from her classic film, The Atomic Cafe. Without commentary or interpretation, this tells the story in its own words and images- and its one thats simultaneously funny, creepy, and at one time, deadly serious. Forget Ed Wood and all the other schlock film-makers of the 50s- the absolute kings of bulldada once worked for the Dept. of Civil Defense, and there's a big healthy dose of it on this site.

Don Wildmon/AFA Watch - Rev. Donald Wildmon/American Family Association Watch - This self-appointed guardian and censor of all media thinks that his group has the right to determine what you should watch in the privacy of your home. Toward that end, his organization targets sponsors advertisers and producers of any show even slightly to the left of Jesse Helms, threatening them with boycotts. Of course, they don't have the numbers or the power to actually hurt any of these companies, but they are capable of making a noise far in excess of their numbers. This page is an effort to keep tabs on this group, and to actively work *against* them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - I have also personally done such damage-control work in the past, and those sleazeballs deserve it.

The Alien Autopsy - A 1995 Fox special purported to be an actual film from 1947 of a secret autopsy of the body of an alien from a ship that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. While I don't doubt that the military would indeed do such a thing, and suppress the data for 50 years, it looks like this film ain't it.

The Passing Show - The late (May '98) writer/philosopher from Medford wrote regular columns of observations on life and times. He died at 81 after finishing his May column.

Fly-Powered Aircraft - Model airplanes powered by live flies. How to build, history, etc.

Why AOL Sucks: You can't go to the bathroom these days without finding a freshly shrinkwrapped sign-on disk. I was a charter subscriber and still maintain my account, but I find little to argue with on this page. Of course AOL should be credited first with giving us all those free disks, now with free drink coasters in the form of useless CD-ROMs. Fifteen million people are on AOL right now, and at least double that cite AOL as their first online experience. Most have since recovered.

Destroy Microsoft: Most Mackers are convinced that Microsoft products are designed with but one purpose: to make the Mac look bad in comparison to Wintel products. The first link explains exactly why that is true with MS FrontPage. The MicroShaft Winblows site has a great selection of links and should be your first stop. Douglas Adams ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") has an interesting comment on W95. Here also is an interesting piece of email that was recently forwarded to me, and an interesting suggestion to all publishers and developers. Let's hope the Injustice Department does one for us and breaks MS up into a systems company and a wholly separate applications company. That will end a lot of the shenanigans. Back when Windows 3.1 was being developed the internal slogan was "Windows ain't done 'til Lotus don't run." You notice that Windozers can't buy 1-2-3 any more?

Music and related:

McKinley I fell absolutely in love with this woman's music when I first heard a locally (Portland, Ore.) released shortie CD. Now she has a full-length record., so I created these pages to spread the word.

Happy Rhodes: Ecto home page Happy is an amazing singer-songwriter with 8 CDs on Aural Gratification Records. If you are a fan of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan or other female singer-songwriters, check out this page and get into Happy Rhodes.

Tori Amos interview I held this phone interview with Tori in advance of her 1994 Portland appearance. It is a net.exclusive, although after 5 years its relevance can be seriously questioned except in a historical context.

Loreena McKennitt is a wonderful singer/composer focusing on Celtic music, including roots in the Middle East on her album, The Mask and Mirror. Also visit the page at Quinlan Road, her record company.

Kate Bush -- The woman who started a whole new genre. Download a large (103K) JPEG of the cover of the "Secret History" book (ivy in her hair) without the text overlay. Also visit Gaffaweb and a tribute page, or the best of the bunch: Vickie Mapes' collection of KaTe links.

Milla (Jovovich), model and singer excellente. Download a 640x480 JPEG from the centerfold of the CD booklet.

My Netscape Bookmarks Just to make it easy to find stuff at parties on other people's machines, herewith my actual bookmarks file. Lotsa stuff here, and nothing insecure.

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