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These pages have been developing cobwebs lately. I manage to keep my columns current (last episode posted June 9, 2008; there will be no more), but most of the stuff on the links page is old. Try them anyway, at least 3/4 worked last time I tested them and I do sneak a few new ones in here and there. This site established in 1995 and I deliberately leave it the way I created it. I am not a graphic designer; all early web sites were created by studying each other's HTML. It's a little piece of history (except for the ads and the hit counter which are not always visible anyway). Some day I will buckle down and learn a modern web-design program, but for now I still use WorldWideWeb Weaver version 1.1.2 on a beige G3 I keep around for this and other OS9 purposes.

I make my living doing Macintosh consulting. Sometimes I can provide useful information online. See next link.

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