You talk, I listen… Moonlight Mac has been helping Mac users with general troubleshooting and system work since 1989. Services include: Recommend systems and software appropriate to your needs. Suggest and install useful free and shareware utilities, panels and startup documents. Reorganize your hard drive or recover crashed/disabled hard drives. Resurrect dead volumes ("This disk is unreadable..."). Problem solving by email. Write to mp at moonmac dot com. Obsolete files on old disks? Will convert to newer format. Install and debug LocalTalk/Ethernet networks. Teaching and instruction: File/hard drive management techniques and general Macintosh use. General typesetting and DTP, including scanning for publication. Beginning and intermediate Photoshop and PageMaker. OSX - Learning to live with the new Mac OS. Prescribe, install and instruct in the use of formatting and backup software. Are your needs being met? If I can't help, I know who can. Contact me and ask! Email mp at moonmac dot com, phone (503) 236-3345 or snail to PO Box 1293, Portland, OR 97207.