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As of Macking 120, all these articles appeared in Computer Chips magazine, which came into being to fill the gap when ComputerBits went under. It was produced by the former Bits chief of sales, but otherwise unrelated to the previous magazine. Now ComputerChips has folded so I am taking this opportunity to end my column.

I have started a blog here and while I don't contribute to it as much as I should, there is some new stuff to read.





























My Mac articles

updated 6/9/8

From ComputerChips


150 Years of Macking - The Last Episode; Backups and Zip Disks; The New MacBook Pro; Apple Updates; Items for Sale


Weirdness with a Brother printer; New Safari and PithHelmet; Macs now 14% of sales; Re-calibrating your Laptop Battery; LaCie Power Supply Failures; OSX Help for Switchers; Spending Your Rebate; Concast Cheats and Sleaze


You Software Review; Keep Your G5 Clean; NeoOffice and WordPerfect; MagSafe and MacBooks; Western Digital Not Wonderful; Network Solutions Steals Domain Ideas; No Macworld Content


10.4.11; The MS Office 2008 Deal; General Leopard Compatibility; Wireless Network; Rename Your Mac; Canon Doesn't Want Us; Go For Brother Instead; Bye Bye CompUSA; Don't Forget to Erase Those Disks


Actual Mac Trojan Is Loose; Dot-Mac Dropping Older Versions of OSX; Leopard Install Went Flawlessly; Coolest New Feature; Leopard Runs AppleWorks; Programs That Don't Work; OS9 Classic Compatibility (Gone); So, Stay In The Past; iPod Nano Video; Office 2008 for Mac


New Macs Coming?; Leopard; More Updates; iTunes Update Disables Your Ringtones; No Linux for iPhone Either; AirPort and Mirrors; New Photoshop Elements; Beware of Your Screen Saver; Fat Bits; Software For Chiropractic Offices


Apple Revises iPods; Nano Video; Where Are Your CDs?; Macs In Enterprise; iPhone Hackity Hack; CONcast "Unlimited" Bandwidth; NeoOffice Updated; AllOfMP3 To Return; Legal Streaming Service from France; Hard Drive Lesson 2; G5 Coolant Leaks


FreeGeek Now Handles Macs; Them Wacky Russians; Pron Sites Pwn Windoze; A Lesson In Hard Drives; Software Updates - Where Should You Be?


Save Your Updates; Router Troubles; 10.4.10 and 10.4.11; No iPhone Content; Short Column


Corrosion In Your Mac; Time To Buy A G5? Hilarious Tales of Tech Nightmare; New Flip4Mac; ABC Dead to Macs; General Tips and Reminders


Eight-Core Processor; Apple TV; Leopard Delayed Until October; Mac 101 Site; Beware The Double Underline; IntelMac Speed Test Results; The Perp Drive - Not Just Hitachi; Windows Wastes Power; Google Desktop; Blu-Ray Burner; I'm Worth $1,836; TXT2U PLZ A DFLA; Apple Embedding Ads; StickyWindows Brings Back Tabs


A Replacement For Timeslips; Ask to Cut Your Cable Bill; More on Preferences


Beware of Giant Laptop Drives; Retrospect Going Away; The LaCie Yugo Drive; Another Reason to Dump Earthlink; Verizon Is No Better; The Well-Equipped Video Server; Getting Content


Apple's iPhone A Reality (in June); Word for 2008; AppleTV; New AirPort Extreme; Cancelling Online Accounts; What's Wrong with Adobe Reader; MacBook Still Working; Acer Bugging Customers Since 1998; Join PMUG Already


Those Rebate Debit Cards; Beware of MSN; Portland's MetroFi Service; iPhone or Not?; My MacBook Is Still Okay; AllOfMP3 Still Lives; StyleWriter II; Font Downloader


Microsoft Owns Your Vote; Locating Corrupt Fonts with OS9; iTunes 7 Display Bug; Another Day, Another $50,000; They're Just Shameless; M$ Backs Off on Vista; Cigarette Ads; Skype Eats Your Bandwidth


My MacBook Is Back; Fan Control for MacBooks; How To Use Tabbed Browsing; Angie's List Now Fee-Based; Be Glad You Can't Run Windows Media 11; Correspondent Laments End of AppleWorks; 10.4.8 is Fine


Battery Recall; My MacBook Sucks; Another AOL Failure; AOL Is Now Free; SpyCam Fun & Games; Cost of Mac vs. Dell; Sharing Your iTunes Library under Multiple Users; Apple Showtime


The Mac Pro; Leopard Preview; 10.4.7 Not So Great; MacBook Failed; Apple Stores Don't Use DiskWarrior; Migrate Your Windows Mail to Mac; Conceal Your Message in Spam; Stay off Royal Caribbean; Apple Forum Staff Dismantled


10.4.7 Successful, Maybe; Easy Access to Utilities; Northwest Apple Store Dead Once Again; Don't Put Vista on your IntelMac; Satellite Internet; No More Apple CRTs; I Like Mighty Mouse; Your iSight Sees You; Charts Is Coming; YahooGroups Getting Bloated


We're Safe from India; Inside AppleCare; I Got A MacBook; Time To Sell Your eMac; Macaroni


Keep On Fixing Permissions; Fear No Worms; G5 Coolant Leaks; 17 CD-ROMs; Old Mac Media Player; MacOS Hints Recommended; Thumbs Up to Qwest; Another Portland Apple Store


DRM Eats Battery Life; Another iPod Copy Utility; The 10.4.6 Update; MacWindows Boot Camp; iPod HiFi vs. Altec Lansing IM7


Welcome to Bangalore, Mackers; Opera for OS9; Another Drive Space Eater; Your Mac in 2012; Better PowerBook Battery Life; Netscape Is Really Dead; Documents in Applications Folder; Okay to Update Now


Your Drive is Getting Full; AppleCare Agony; AppleCare Now Available for Displays; Avoid MacMall; AntiVirus for Macs; Get More RAM; New Browser for OSX; G5 iMacs Getting Cheaper: Going, Going Gone; Classic May Be Possible on IntelMacs; iTunes Purchasing Problem.


The New Intel Macs; Windows Compatibility; First Major Screwup of 2006; 10.4.4 Update, Safari and PithHelmet; New Software.


File naming problems; PDFPen; PMUG Discount at Mac Store Cedar Hills; Editing Your Preferences.


Sony Malware May Affect Macs; and Where Should You Stop? A tutorial on which version of the OS you should be running.


Password Protect That Sucker!, New Century Boombox, Keeping Your Own ISP, Burning CDs from iTunes, Giving Up on Staying Old, Bad Installers (repeated with changes), Palm Fixed Things


Phishers Getting Really Skilled; Toss That TechTool; FCC Ruling May Raise ISP Costs; FEMA Is Run By Idiots; Mighty or Meekly Mouse; Tablet Monitor; Credit Where Due; Don't Update iTunes; Bad Installers; Old Macs and Parts


I'm Now A Pod Person; Degrading the Mini-Cooper; Where's My Internet? Tiger At Last; No More Find; 10.4.2 Update; No Discount for Verizon; No Toasty iTunes; Living Without Internet (briefly)


Ten Years of Macking; Fresh Exploit for Tiger's Dashboard; Backplane Problems with iMac G5s; Quark Causes Serious Security Problem; Apple Tech Support Hell; AppleMail Addresses; Other 10.3.9 Problems


My First Look at Tiger; Nikon Encrypts RAW Data Format; The Well-Equipped Mac; New Trojan for Macs; Hitachi Increases Density of Micro Drives; Problems With Latest iPod Update


Farewell to ComputerBits; G5 iMacs Showing Problems; AOL Owns Your Words; Quark Causes Serious Security Problems; Medical Software for Macs; Transparent Desktops; US Military Now A Spammer; Free Virus Detector; HP Is Worse Than Reported


Happy Birthday To Me; Bank Security Through Macs; Jef Raskin Dies; New Save Utility; HP Ripoff Scheme; Update iMac G3 Firmware; eMac On Way Out; New iPods; Remote-Control Your Mac


The MiniMac Is the iCheap; New Word Processor from Apple Is A Page-Layout Program; G5 Users Group; PMUG General Meeting New Site; Why The Home Directory Is A Good Idea; AppleLegal Harasses ThinkSecret Site

About Authentium Anti-Virus; No Mac News in December; ThinkSecret Speculates about the iCheap Mac; Apple at Oracle OpenWorld; Recording High Quality Sound on your iPod; Amazon's Secret Customer Service Number; Register Your Mac Immediately


MSN Is Beyond Terrible; Bizarre AppleWorks Problem; Scientology Protests; PatchBurn Lets iTunes Use External Drives; 30" Display Is REALLY Big; Dismounting and Mounting Drives; The iMac of The Future; Microsoft Makes Life Difficult for San Jose Police


Mackers Finally Get Our Own Destructive Exploit; Another Virus Fighter; All About the Activity Monitor; Apple Kills the iPod Download Patch


Buy An HP iPod; Evidence Eradicator; Read Mac Disks on Windows; Print Spool Freezing; MS Bash of the Month: Air Traffic system crashes; Dot-Mac Gets User More Space; Preserving Video; Revive A Dead Powerbook


New iMacs; Sad Loss to Portland computer community; Printing a Selection of a Web Page; Quark Going Bye Bye; Laser Printer Repair; Caches; Security and Anti-Virus; Font Issues; Image Flaw pierces PC Security


Beware of Silver Sharpies; Forget Earthlink Wireless; Rendezvous Farewell; Manipulate Your Email; Topical Toilet Paper; BBC Treasure Hunt; EyeTV; The Broadcast Flag; MythTV; Discounted 20" Cinema Display


Tiger's Loping Along; Apple's 30" Display; More On Offing Spammers; Bypassing Parental Lockout; Get Your Apple Updates from PMUG; About Apple Remote Desktop Client; Get That AirPort Card Soon; Alternatives to MS Office


Videos Online; Get Some Cables; InDesign Users Group; Another VGA-ADC Converter; More SGI News; Avoid Office 2004; OSX Update 10.3.4


New Macs; Pocket Flash Drives; Beware of WPA; FireWire DV Cable Problems; Bypass iTunes Copy Protection; Deletion Dangers in AppleMail and with Norton AntiVirus; Forward Delete on PowerBooks; AppleWorks Spinning Beachball


Personalizing Your Mac Under OSX; The New SGI Display Card; "Ghost City," the Website of the Month; Burnz Saves the Disk; Bypass iTunes Copy Protection; As Palm Sinks Slowly in the Sunset


Shuffle Off to Buffalo; Netgear Unreliable; Stealth Serial Port; Another One Bites the Dust; Another Reason to Dump AOL; Quark Diminishes in Importance; Another Microsoft Bash


Nightmares and Headaches; Wireless and Wired Networking; Ethernet USB Server; Alternative to MacJanitor; OCR for OXX (Finally!); Good News for Owners of SGI Displays


Quark 6 vs. InDesign 3; Macworld Expo Highlights; My Favorite Shareware; Why Creativity Is Pointless; Letters: Recommending Speakeasy, Beware of Word Exploit that reveals personal information


Jiggler Redux; Wait to Upgrade to Panther; Repairing Permissions; The New Apple Store; Letters: Recommending Verizon, Free/Near-Free ISPs; The Blob; Inaccurate CPU Readings from Terminal


Macking 101 (Tutorial); First Experience with Panther; PocketMacking the PocketPC; More Spammer Trouble


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