Samantha and Serena

Finally I decided it was time to get another cat. I went to the Oregon Humane Society shelter and found it full of choices (and lots of people too, also looking to adopt). These two 1-year-old females were being adopted out together and they seemed friendly so I took them home.

Samantha is the Siamese, who I named after the cat I grew up with, Sam, a male. So what to call the other one? A friend suggested Serena, the evil twin cousin of Samantha on the series "Bewitched." Seemed appropriate. They groom each other, chase each other all over the house and have a great time together. Right now, their favorite toy is a ping-pong ball. Serena has learned to pick it up in her mouth and run away with it. They mimic soccer players as they bat it around the house. The floors are hardwood so it's a perfect play surface.

Cats on the bed
July 30, 2001, lying on my waterbed blanket. The patch on Serena's stomach is where the spaying took place, just before I got them.

On the ledge
August 10, 2001. Lying on the ledge I had built for Blackus, on the 2nd floor of my house, right next to my computer area. The roof is too slanted for them to do anything but perch so they like to lie here after making the rounds. They have not yet figured out how to climb off the roof.

Another ledge shot
August 10, 2001. Another shot of them on the ledge. You can't quite tell from the pictures, but Sam is a little bigger than Serena.

Sam in office sunbeam
August 31, 2001. Samantha in sunbeam on upstairs office floor.

August 31, 2001. Samantha upside down in sunbeam on upstairs office floor.

Serena Staring into the camera
August 31, 2001. Serena staring into the camera.

Battling on the floor
August 31, 2001. Notice how the floorboard is visible through Serena's head.

Washing in the middle of a battle
August 31, 2001. Samantha taking time out for a quick wash.

Another battle shot
August 31, 2001. The battle rages on. Soon I will update this page with pix of what they look like now, in 2008. Sam was so skinny then, now she's chunky and solid, weighing 12 pounds.

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