Paul Eberle is a published author. At the time Thralawattle was created, Paul, his wife Shirley, and I were working for the Los Angeles Free Press during those interesting years 1966-1970. Paul has written a children's book called "Mr. and Mrs. Pussycat," "The World's Worst Poems," and others. He also released an expanded version of the Thraladiddle. The Holy Words themselves manifested upon the walls of the original Grotto: the john at the Free Press office on Fairfax. Many people contributed to the thralology. One day it became necessary to repaint the walls so Paul and I took copious notes and then typed the thing up on a Freiden Justowriter, a paper-tape mechanical typesetter, and printed up a thousand or so of the pamphlets on double-sided legal size paper.

The Freep, and other undergrounds, existed through the new-generation typesetting and offset printing, which had gotten comparatively cheaper and easier to use, much as the early Macs made personal typesetting possible. Gary Taylor, the paper's regular typesetter, was able to type 160 words per minute on the Freiden; he was able to run the tape out of the puncher on one machine, across the floor and into the 2nd machine, which itself typed at 160 words per minute.

Paul left the Free Press along with many other staffers amid much acrimony toward the management of the paper; mostly Art Kunkin. He started an early T&A newspaper, the L.A. Star, which he ran for almost fifteen years. Between the pix, mostly sent in by readers, he wrote many rants against the political establishment of the time: Police Chiefs Parker and Davis, Mayor Yorty and Bradley and others.

In the 1980s, Paul, with his wife Shirley, wrote "The Politics of Child Abuse," an examination of the industry that evolved around the court-lawyer-children's services agencies and other participants that led to a massive increase in unfair charges of sexual abuse and the conversion of our traditional principle of innocent until proven guilty to one in which merely being charged with abuse is assumed to be a conviction.

Then the McMartin Preschool case happened. Eight years were spent harassing the owners of the McMartin Preschool in southern California, with false and trumped-up charges, each one more outrageous than the last. The final end of the case was a dropping of most charges against all participants, then a hung jury on the few remaining. Lives were ruined and millions wasted on court and lawyer fees. Paul and Shirley chronicled this mess in "The Abuse of Innocence" (Prometheus Books, ISBN 0-87975-809-0), still in print and highly recommended. Publisher's Weekly says, "Trial testimony, juicy courthouse asides, and the authors' keen descriptive powers make the proceedings come alive." There is also a 1995 HBO TV-movie about the subject (not based on the book).

If you have any interest in witch hunts, abuse of power by governments, child abuse or related topics, you really want to read this book. Most bookstores no longer stock it and the publicity machine was underutilized in promoting it because of the extremely politically incorrect information it contains. It is in print, however, and any bookstore can order it using the ISBN number, so please do.

Paul is now online and can be mailed at paulebrpa at The eight years spent researching and writing the book cost them more than it made, and they are pushing the edge, financially. To me, they are just two more victims of McMartin, but the world has an important historical document out of it. Besides, (imo) it is a great read.

Mail can be sent to Paul and Shirley at PO Box 85233, Los Angeles, CA 90072.

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